A WILTSHIRE councillor has criticised an upcoming white paper which could see an American-style governor presiding over Wiltshire.

Michael Gove, who is in charge of the government’s levelling up agenda, has hinted at the creation of American-style governors but details around the paper are yet to be revealed.

The plans were part of the housing secretary’s levelling up project and would give empowered leadership to these governors.

The white paper was due to come out by the end of 2021 but the release has now been moved to 2022.

It is proposed that these governors would be elected to the office much in the same way the public elects a Police & Crime Commissioner.

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It has been reported in the Times that devolution is at the heart of the proposals which could see governors elected to rural area where mayors are not seen as appropriate.

These governors would then have powers to carry out the levelling-up agenda and would “extend, deepen and simplify devolution”.

Wiltshire councillor for the Drynham ward of Trowbridge, Antonio Piazza said he is getting annoyed with the installation of pointless roles where holders earn excessive salaries.

Cllr Piazza has previously criticised the Police & Crime Commissioner role for this same reason.

“I am getting a tad frustrated with this lean towards creating pointless roles where holders earn excessive salaries,” he told the LDRS.

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“How much will this governor of Wiltshire cost taxpayers? £70,000? £80,000? Maybe even more than £100,000?

“There is absolutely no fundamental reason for the creation of this role.

“The people of Wiltshire, and more specifically Trowbridge, do not need anymore of these overpaid roles. They need action from local councils and MPs.

“If Michael Gove wants to help Wiltshire and Trowbridge then have central government provide further funding to local councils for projects, such as the promised leisure centre, we can ‘level-up’ communities with.”