WILTSHIRE MP urged the Prime Minister to reconsider plans to force all medical staff to be vaccinated. 

South West Wiltshire MP, Andrew Murrison in Parliament asked the currently under pressure PM to rethink the mandatory vaccinations for NHS workers. 

Mr Murrison said that Borish Johnson made “the right call” on not imposing more restrictions before Christmas and returning to so-called Plan A rules. 

However, the MP criticised the lack of change surrounding compulsory vaccinations for NHS workers – he asked for a rethink before redundancy letters hit. 

“Given that leaked advice to ministers has said that is neither rational nor proportionate given what we now know about Omicron, and its behaviour,” he asked in the House of Commons. 

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“Will he think again before redundancy letters start going out as of February 3?”

In his response, the PM said that the move was supported by the health service for patient safety. 

“It’s a very difficult point when when it comes to patients who have contracted fatal nosocomial Covid – people do want their medical staff to be vaccinated,” the PM said. 

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“I do think it’s the responsibility of all health professionals to be vaccinated and I hope that’s a view he shares as well.” 

Posting the clip on Twitter after the point was raised, Mr Murrison wrote: “Welcoming the return to relative normality but mandatory NHS staff covid jabs must also now go.”