The Irish Terriers from Calne have made a comeback at Crufts in their first big show since lockdown.

Dana who is 2.5 years-old is following in the footsteps of her mother, securing a spot in second place in the ‘Postgraduates’ class.

Her mother, Ailis, also came in second place for her class; the ‘Veterans.’

It has been a busy time for Ailis, who has been competing in lots of other shows, and has also been doing a spot of modelling on the side, as well as having her own litter.

Ms Hobson was especially proud of Dana, who had only attended Crufts once before.

She said: “They both did so well. And Dana’s mum is a natural. She kind of shows herself, I’m just there to hold the lead. Dana took it in her stride. She’s a little character. Completely different to her mum.

“She definitely looks up to her. She’s got some big paws to fill.”