Marlborough has just been ranked as Britain’s second-best location for shopping out of 1,000 across the country.

The Harper Dennis Hobbs’ (HDH) annual Vitality Rankings report positioned Marlborough in second place, just after Beaconsfield.

The report determines the health of high streets and shopping centres by analysing a number of factors, including vacancy rates, residents’ movement and suitability to local consumer demands.

So what makes Marlborough so special?

We asked businesses in the town what they think is unique about it.

Roger Mortimer from Sound Knowledge has been there for 27 years.

He said: “It’s got such a combination. There’s something for everybody. There’s the Waitrose, and just across from us here we’ve got the zero waste shop for you to can fill up your receptacles.

“We’re lucky that there always seems to be people willing to take a chance and open up new businesses.

“I’ve seen many businesses come and go, some of them stick and some of them don’t. But I’d say part of Marlborough’s charm is that it’s maintained that traditional market town feels.”

Although lots of people might associate shopping with taking to the high street, Janet Pattison from Ducklings Toy Shop believes that what makes Marlborough different is that has just as much to offer in other areas.

She said: “Marlborough’s specialism is that it has lots of side roads going off the high street, and down those is where the independents are. There are over 100 independent shops, and that’s what makes it different.

“It’s a proper old-fashioned high street, but with the sort of shops that attract people to travel to it.

“There’s such a good selection of cafes that if you’re going to somewhere like Lacock Abbey, then people will stop here for lunch.”

Jennifer Grant from the dress shop, Landmark also told us why she loves the town so much, despite it changing slightly over time. She said: “I moved here a few years ago and I love it.

“Business has been really good after the lockdowns. I think Marlborough has got a lot busier over time. I used to live on the outskirts but now it’s quite choc-a-bloc.

"I still really like it though."

Andy Metherell, head of retail consultancy at HDH, explained: “The latest HDH Vitality Ranking reflects the realities that consumers and occupiers have had to face over the past year, and that continues into 2022.”