A brand new Channel 4 series has been filmed in Wiltshire over the last few days.

The Hobby Man, which is all about re-connecting with old childhood hobbies, and recently they have taken to our stunning county to make the most of the stunning scenery as they get those all-important shots.

Presenter Alex Brooker and Joe Thomas from The Inbetweeners recently paid a visit to the Lacock pub The Rising Sun on Friday afternoon (22/04) to have a chat over a beer with a view.

They chose the location so that they could film a moment of reflection, as they looked back at their time filming in the county and discuss the highlights so far.

Pub owner Neil Glasspool said: “They’ve been doing things like filming activities like dog agility in the area, with Wiltshire having a lot to offer and what there is around.

“They did a recap here, and talked through what they liked and didn’t like, and how the hobbies they’d tried out sat with them. Normally here on a sunny day the beer garden’s absolutely heaving but when they came on Friday it was quite overcast, so they luckily didn’t have too much interruption.”

Lacock has been known to attract attention from far and wide, being a hotspot for Harry Potter fans, in particular, Neil noted. He explained that it is no surprise that the village receives so much media attention.

He said: “The whole village is National Trust.

“And there’s so many pockets of beauty in and around Wiltshire. There’s so much to see. And Lacock is really amplified because of Harry Potter, and I think that’s probably the number one reason which drives people to Lacock. There always seems to be a film crew around somewhere.”

Explaining why the pub itself deserves to be in the limelight, Neil added that he thinks the views are unbeatable in the beer garden, making it all the more silver screen worthy.

“You’re at the top of the hill here and see for miles so it does make it a great place to film. It’s great here. I signed for this property ten days before the first lockdown, and it had been shut for almost a year at that point. Everything was kind of broken in the garden especially.

“It’s moved on a lot since then. You can never please everyone but we’ve definitely got a huge clientele base now.”