You might be familiar with the TikTok famous star and social media personality Francis Bourgeois.

After all, the 21-year-old has gathered 2.3 million followers on his TikTok account thanks to his shining a light on his love of trains in Wiltshire.

And his latest video was no different as he shared a video of himself visiting Dilton Marsh railway station to explore what it had to offer.

He drew particular attention to the tiny platform, telling his followers that he thought it was the smallest platform in the West.

He told his fans: “I’m here at Dilton Marsh station which at 15 metres long makes it the shortest platform in the western region and potentially the UK but that’s up for debate.

“And very soon, a Class 68 is going to go barraging through this tiny platform coming all the way up from Scotland down to Eastley.”

[BG1] The enthusiastic TikToker wore a GoPro camera filming his reaction to the train whizzing through the station, as he exclaimed: “Listen to it. Hi Class 68, thank you. Cheers!”

@francis.bourgeois Here we have DRS 68007 thundering through Dilton Marsh Station #trains #trending #fyp ♬ original sound - Francis Bourgeois

His videos, which are lighthearted and full of joy, are often watched by millions. The short clip of him in Dilton Marsh has already been watched by 1.5 million people and liked by 148,1000.

Francis has travelled to Wiltshire previously to try his hand at racing a Pathfinder.

He told his followers in the video: “ I drove safely and dynamically to Cheltenham to try and beat the Class 66.

The video has had 979,100 views on TikTok and had 91,500 likes.

@francis.bourgeois Chasing the Pathfinders railtour from Westbury - Cheltenham Spa #trains #trending #fyp ♬ original sound - Francis Bourgeois

Francis became a sensation during the Covid-19 pandemic as he started sharing his passion for train-spotting online, and went viral.

Francis talked in an interview on This Morning in October 2021 about how he got into trainspotting, stating: “My fascination with trains comes from where I used to live in London; a place called Wilson Junction which is one of the busiest train junctions.

“All of these trains moving through at once really fascinated me.”

Considering what it’s like to get a taste of fame, he also told Holly and Phil: “There’ve been quite a few people that have come up to me and said hello, and I’ve found it really quite amazing.

“And people have been saying that my videos have really made their day sometimes so that’s really warmed my heart.”