Giles Wood and Mary Killen from Pewsey, who are possibly Gogglebox’s most iconic duo have shared pictures of themselves online that date back to around 1986 and we can’t believe it.

The Wiltshire couple looks practically ‘unrecognisable’ in the old, black and white photos according to their fans, who have been reacting to them on social media.

Some might say that the photos even have a candid, endearing quality that no app nowadays can quite achieve.

Mary can be seen staring at the camera in the first photo as Giles looks off into the horizon as they stand arm-in-arm in what appears to be a garden of some description.

Wiltshire Times:

In another, the black and white portrait photo captures Mary who is smiling up at Giles, who's arms are wrapped around her as he continues to look into the distance.

Wiltshire Times:

In the last picture, they look to be leaning on a gate. Mary is still looking at Giles as he is still watching something behind her.

Wiltshire Times:

The post attracted hundreds of positive messages, as people admired the now-retired couple.

Many even compared Giles’ appearance with the likes of the famous Hugh Grant.

One Instagram user commented: “Touch of Hugh Grant going on there Giles.”

Another added: “Hugh Grant crossed with Tom Cruise.”

Mary also received countless compliments, with one user noting: “Mary is giving me Stevie Nicks vibes and I LOVE it.”

Someone else agreed: “Mary looks stunning.”

Many of the couple’s fans called on them to recreate the photos and post an updated version for them to admire.

One person said: “Petition for you to recreate these beautiful photos. Please, we need this kind of content.”

Famous for their charming couple’s ‘banter’, the pair has stolen the hearts of viewers across the nation on the Channel 4 show Gogglebox, where they sit down and discuss what is popular on-screen.

They regularly remark on what they love or hate about various episodes they have engaged the public with their ‘eccentric’ personalities, leaving their fans wanting more week-by-week.

The pair have now become quite the TV sensation on the Channel 4 show Gogglebox over the last couple of years, and have even released a book entitled: ‘The Diary of Two Nobodies’, where they documented their thoughts throughout the year independently, before being put together by a publisher to reflect the couple’s life over that period, and show the lighter side of their marriage.