Some viewers of the Channel 4 hit show Gogglebox are calling for the iconic Wiltshire couple to be axed from the show after some controversial comments were made.

Giles Wood and Mary Killen from Pewsey have been criticised after Mary’s jokes didn’t quite land with the audience.

People have shown their frustration after she claimed Tory MP Neil Parish, who resigned after admitting to watching pornography twice in the House of Commons, is “brave”.

She said on-air: “Terrible but at least he hasn’t hidden.

“He’s brave to have come out and face people.”

Wiltshire Times:

Viewers suggested that Mary was defending’ the MP who said he accidentally viewed porn on his phone while searching for information about tractors.

Twitter user @ellasrhapsody said: ‘Every time giles and mary defend tories a part of my soul withers.’

The couple also reacted to Boris Johnson’s recent interview with GMB presenter Susanna Reid, and have been called out for their political statements.

Mary said, while watching the Prime Minister respond to someone’s concerns about the cost of living crisis: “I’m very sorry for Elsie, but Susanna is making out that it is Boris’ fault, but Boris doesn’t care.”

Giles replied by saying: “Who’s fault is it?”

Mary responded by stating: “The global situation.”

Dozens stormed on Twitter after the comments, calling for the couple to be ‘cancelled.’ Twitter user @Wandoful took to his social media platform, arguing: ‘Mary is so out of touch.

‘If you can’t hold to account the Prime Minister of the country, what are we supposed to do?

‘They’re the leaders of the country, they are supposed to support the average human in times of need. #Gogglebox.’ @Hollyfrances said: ‘Get rid of Giles and Mary. Legit ready to start a petition at this point. #Gogglebox Some viewers showed that their admiration for the couple can sometimes be divided when watching the show.

@emilypacifier2 added: ‘I laugh at Giles and Mary and then they say something very, very tory and the laughing stops.’

However, some fans thought the reaction to the couple’s comments were a little excessive, and jumped to Mary’s defence.

Twitter user @_MFrank96 stated: ‘I agree with Twitter that Mary is out of touch and I certainly don’t agree with her.

‘But the beauty of #Gogglebox is diversity and being able to express opinions, even if they are different from your own.

“She and Giles can’t be axed because you disagree with them.’