THE team behind a 1930s feature film believed to be directed by George Clooney is calling for people to star as extras.

The call includes three more dates in which they are seeking people from Wiltshire to get involved.

For the chance to be in the movie, people will be required to meet some criteria - but no experience is necessary and those who get the nod can still get paid.

Filming will be done in Wiltshire and London, according to the company, although exact locations have not been revealed.

But a film set has been pictured under construction in the Cleveland Lakes region of South Cerney, where recent filming is thought to have taken place.

An upcoming American drama film directed by Clooney is to be based on the non-fiction novel Boys In The Boat, starring Callum Turner, among others.

At the beginning of last month, filming officially kicked off at Winnerish Film Studios in Berkshire, according to Kemps Film TV Video. 

A British boatbuilder features in the story and Clooney was reported to be angling for the picture to be shot on the water near his mansion in Berkshire back in December 2021.

Filming is taking place from now until the end of June 2022 and the casting call outlines that anyone over the age of 17 years old is able to apply to be an extra.

What you need to apply:

  • Three recent photographs (a recent headshot photo, a full-length photo of you and another photo of your choice). According to Casting Collective, uploading the correct photos is the difference between working a lot and not getting offered much.
  • Your measurements Passport/Right to work in the UK
  • National Insurance number

What the application process is like:

The first three rounds will ask you questions about payment, and data protection.

Then you have to answer questions about your physical characteristics and contact details.

The last stage involves uploading the photos Casting Collective also said that people will need to be free for a costume fitting in Reading for one day between now and June 10 2022.

The current dates in which filming is taking place in Wiltshire will include June 15, 16 and 17, and applicants are required to be available on all three dates.

During the filming time, successful applicants will play citizens in the 1930s film for one day, a few days, or longer.

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