Twitter and Instagram have gone into a frenzy after Elle Darby resurfaced by posting to her social media feed.

It is the first time she has been online publicly since a mass of tweets unearthed at the beginning of the year, where the Wiltshire influencer from Westbury was called out for a stream of racist posts from 2012.

She has just posted a statement on Instagram saying: ‘There are just a few times in life when it makes sense to just stop, to take a breath, to re-evaluate, to re-visit areas which need deeper healing, and to return when you have the right message: rooted in authenticity and truth.’

Shortly after, the social media star then shared a family photo on the beach, captioned: ‘A forever thing.’ After her tweets resurfaced, Darby lost over 100,000 followers and deleted her Twitter account.

Her fiancé, who also upset many fans with his comments from the past, took to his Instagram page to apologise again.

In his post, he stated: “Before any more is said, I wanted to make sure those words were said and hopefully felt.

‘I’ve been reading my DMs and a few have felt that I didn’t say it in my first message.

‘Although my first message was one big apology, it may have been overshadowed by shame, embarrassment and sadness from my own actions, which wasn’t the aim.

‘I am so sorry to everyone who has been affected by my tweets and hurt by the words I used - from the bottom of my heart.’ He went on to claim it was the ‘biggest lesson’ he could have learned, and added that he recognised that the language used had a “timeless pain.”

He continued: ‘I’ve learnt now more than ever before that the words we use are so beyond powerful but I will show that my actions will forever speak louder moving forward. I want to make it clear that I am sorry, to everyone my tweets have affected and caused pain upon.

‘The conversations caused from this are just as important, as they allow me and others to grow and develop as people, and I will continue to do so as I have over the past decade.’ But not all fans have been able to forgive the couple for the comments they made.

But not all fans have been able to forgive the couple for the comments they made.

However, some have jumped to the couple’s defence, and believe that the pair should be forgiven for the language they used in the past.