The Swindon Town Advisory Board has suggested raising the price of tickets in the Town End for the new season to be more in line with prices across League Two.

The idea was broached that ticket prices in the Alan McLoughlin Town End would rise to £23 for adults, £20 for over 60s and students, £10 for under 18s, and £5 for under 11s in order to be more in line with the average ticket prices across League Two and ensure greater financial stability.

For contrast, Bradford City, the only club in League Two with a higher average home attendance than Swindon, charge £20 for adults and Walsall and Mansfield are the only League Two clubs to have charged £23 for any standard ticket last season.

The Mirror reported in October 2021 that the average cost of a ticket in League Two was £18.26 and this change would make all adult tickets in the County Ground cost £23, making them all roughly the same cost as the most expensive ticket at each ground on average, which is £22.84.

The new price would put Swindon’s prices more in line with what The Mirror found to be the average cost of a ticket in the Championship, £23.78.

This idea was questioned by Alex Pollock, who was representing TrustSTFC at the meeting, who felt that the increase in prices for children was overly steep and so no definite decision has been made until there is further feedback from other members of the trust.

The biggest increase would indeed be to children, with prices doubling for students from £10 last season up to £20, under 18s moving up from £6 and prices for under 11s jumping from £1 to the suggested price of £5.

Elsewhere in the minutes in relation to ticketing, it was revealed around 2,500 season tickets had been renewed by existing ticket holders for next season following their announcement in late March.

Current season ticket holders have until the end of May to renew before they go on general sale, and the Advisory Board hopes to retain all 4,500 current season ticket holders and sell 6,000 in total once they go onto general sale.

It has not yet been confirmed whether Clem Morfuni will be driving a bus around Swindon to promote season ticket sales.

Those who requested a refund on their season tickets from the 2020/21 season have been reimbursed and a plaque commemorating those that waived the refunds has been ordered and is planned to be installed at the County Ground before the start of next season.

Then following how tickets for the Port Vale game did not make it to general sale, the club are looking into other ways to manage priority for fixtures with a high demand for tickets.

The proposition was to convert to a loyalty points system that would reward fans based on the number of games they had been to see, giving them priority for when the more popular games come around, like any potential play-off games.