Wiltshire Council is asking people in Chippenham, Devizes and Trowbridge to have their say on draft Local Cycling and Walking Plans (LCWIPs) in each of the three towns.

According to the council, these plans identify local cycling and walking networks in an area and set out a "high-level proposal for how these will be improved over time to create coherent and connected networks for pedestrians and cyclists".

It says: "The aim is to provide an environment that will enable and encourage more trips to be made on foot or by bike, and help to improve air quality, reduce traffic congestion and also cut carbon emissions."

Once an LCWIP is agreed and finalised, it is used as the basis for future cycling and walking improvements in that area, and future funding from the Department for Transport will be linked to each final plan.

The council is currently developing the LCWIPs for Chippenham, Devizes and Trowbridge, and is asking people to share their views in a consultation, which runs from Tuesday, June 28 to Monday, August 1.

There will also be an online webinar on Tuesday, June 28 at 6pm; to sign up, people should follow the link below.

Councillor Mark McClelland, Cabinet Member for Transport, said: “LCWIPs are important strategic documents that identify cycling and walking improvements at a local level, so it’s really important that people from Chippenham, Devizes and Trowbridge take part in this consultation and help to shape the future of walking and cycling in these towns.

“I’d also urge people to sign up for the webinar to find out more about the three plans.

“We’re currently producing LCWIPs for all principal towns in the county and in our city, Salisbury, and we’re also developing a Wiltshire-wide scheme. The Salisbury and Wiltshire LCWIPs are at a more advanced stage, and we’ll have more information on how people can have their say on these soon."

Cllr McClelland added: “One of our business plan aims is to support the decarbonisation of existing transport and increased use of walking and cycling, and once implemented, that’s what these LCWIPs will do.”

To find out more about LCWIPs, and to sign up for the webinar, click here