A WATCH that Elvis Presley wore on his "breakthrough national TV performance" way back in 1956 is expected to sell for up £150,000 when it goes up for auction in Devizes tomorrow. 

A collection of Elvis memorabilia, antiques, fine art, and collectables is also set to be sold off by Henry Alridge and Sons.  

Andrew Aldridge is expecting six-figure sales for some of the items and is estimating the watch to fetch between £100,000 and £150,000.  

According to the auctioneers, on April 22, 1956, Elvis and fellow American musicians Bill Black, Scotty Moore, And D.J. Fontana were sitting near the pool at the New Frontier Hotel in Las Vegas when a Jeweler approached Elvis with a jeweled watch as a gift for him.  

Wiltshire Times:

Elvis took off the watch he was wearing, saw that Scotty was not wearing a watch, and gave his old watch to Scotty.   

Andrew is feeling particularly enthusiastic about the book Leaves of Gold, which he said he feels shows a “different side to Elvis.”  

He said: “The notations made by Elvis in the book are more spiritual than the performer which we all know so well.  

“It shows a man from another perspective.”  

Wiltshire Times:

Elvis spoke about his fascination with the book in an interview while he was in Hollywood. 

“I read a lot of Philosophy and poetry.   

“Have you ever read a book called Leaves of Gold? It’s by different people.   

“It’s different men’s philosophy on life and death and everything else.  

“Well that type of stuff interests me, you get these different people’s opinions on different things.”  

Elvis underscored many of the passages in the book as he read it, making notations in the margins on the passages that interested him and resonated with him.   

Also up for grabs is a pair of his stage-worn, white leather boots, given to Charlie Hodge in the 1970’s. 

Wiltshire Times:

With it comes an ‘Elvis Presley Museum certificate of authenticity' which is hand-signed by Jimmy Velvet, who was Elvis' friend of 22 years and the founder and president of the Elvis Presley Museum.  

A second-hand signed letter of authenticity from Charlie Hodge reads: "To Who this may concern. 

"I first met Elvis when I was with a group called the Foggy Mountain River Boys.   

"Elvis and I met again when Elvis was going to Germany for the army.   

"Elvis was my good friend and I lived at Graceland in a converted apartment Elvis made for me and lived there until his passing in 1977."