A local charity could stand to benefit from Chippenham MP's resignation as Education Secretary after less than two days in office.

The website Guido Fawkes has calculated that Michelle Donelan could receive a pay out of up to £16,876.25 after only 36 hours in the job.

It added: "Not bad work if you can get it."

Miss Donelan responded: "If this is the case, I shall be donating it in full to a local charity."

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One constituent has already submitted a suggestion on who she might donate the money to.

Responding to her comment, Peter Baker said: "This being the case, the Friends of Queens Crescent School would be grateful for any donation you could make."

Ms Donelan was appointed Education Secretary on Tuesday night, before telling Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Wednesday that he should resign, saying she had "pleaded" with the Prime Minister on Wednesday to "do the right thing and resign for the sake of our country and our party".

Michelle herself then stepped down from her new role after just 36 hours in the role,  saying it was "a difficult decision because I am worried as we approach exam results day".