A FURIOUS Wiltshire man who has paid a reduced £60 parking charge notice says there was “nothing in the conditions” to indicate he could not park where he did.

Pensioner Tony Hudson, 85, paid the PCN charge imposed by Premier Park Ltd after being booked for parking in front of the B&M store at the Spitfire Retail Park in Trowbridge on May 3.

The company says the £100 PCN was issued to Mr Hudson because his vehicle was “not parked wholly” within a disabled parking bay.

But Mr Hudson says there was “nothing in the parking conditions” to prevent him and his wife, Sylvia, 84, a Blue Badge holder, from parking partially on a hatched area next to the bay.

“I parked in a way so as to leave enough room for my wife, who is a Blue Badge holder for the past 12 years, to fully open her car door.

“She needs to do this because of her painful hips and legs. You need 33 inches of space,” he said.

“I did not give it any thought that I had done anything wrong,” said Mr Hudson, of Arundell Close, Westbury. “So when I received the PCN on May 7, I could not believe what I was reading.

“There is nothing in the parking conditions that says that on no account must any part of a car be parked on the hatched area of a Blue Badge bay. Nothing at all.”

Mr Hudson paid the £60 PCN because he does not think that physically he could cope with challenging it and taking it to a court case.

He went back to the Spitfire Retail Park to double check the terms and conditions and found several vehicles had been parked in exactly the same way that he had.

He left warning notices on the front windscreens of vehicles that he found had been parked in a similar manner.

Only four of the 13 Blue Badge parking spaces in front of the retail stores have clear access at one side to enable disabled people to easily get in and out of their vehicles, he claims.

Premier Park said: “The terms and conditions of parking on this private land are clearly set out on the signage installed within the care park.

“By parking within this car park the driver is bound to these terms and conditions and liable to pay a charge if they breach these terms and conditions.”