People in Wiltshire are being called on for a Regency costumed Afternoon Cream Tea & Entertainment at Trowbridge's Parade House on July 30.

In true Bridgerton style, people’s tickets include the hire of a full Regency costume from Bath Theatrical Costume Hire- so you can really get a feel for the 1800’s era.

Organisers say that fitters will have guests transformed in just a few minutes in the ‘robing room’ after they arrive at the venue.

They will then sweep up the grand Georgian staircase and up to the ballroom, where they will then be offered a glass of champagne, before being presented to a theatrical ‘Queen.’

A spokesperson for the event said: “Travel back to the age of Jane Austen for the full “Bridgerton Experience” in costume. Come and make new friends, or bring friends of your own to enjoy a glass of champagne and a full afternoon cream tea, enjoy a theatrical entertainment and play Regency Parlour Games with your distinguished hosts Mr Percy Curricle and Mrs Fanny Barouche.”

Tickets are priced at £45 per person, £80 for two or £150 for four people.

Included will also be a glass of champagne, a full afternoon cream tea, as well as theatrical and musical entertainment.