TWO people have left the South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust following an investigation into the behaviour of staff at Trowbridge Ambulance Station.

The investigation into an alleged culture of bullying and intimidation at the Hilperton Road station was launched in March following complaints from some paramedics.

The station was nicknamed the ’Mafia Station’ by other members of the service, some of whom refused to work there.

The Trust has flatly refused to comment on the disciplinary action it has taken, citing confidentiality and the need to protect the wellbeing of its staff.

A SWASFT spokesperson said: “We recently completed an investigation into behavioural concerns at a station in Wiltshire. It would be inappropriate for us to comment any further on confidential, individual staffing matters.

“SWASFT takes any issues raised very seriously and we have robust procedures in place for staff to report any concerns.

“Our focus is progressing investigations at pace, but also supporting all those impacted and encouraging anyone affected by inappropriate conduct to have the confidence to come forward to enable us to take appropriate action.”

A senior member of staff for SWASFT’s Wiltshire region has sent a letter to staff at the Trowbridge station warning them the media had become aware of the investigation's conclusion.

He said: “Those directly impacted by the investigation have been notified of this and I wanted you to be sighted on this in advance too.”

Earlier this year, the service suspended five staff during the investigation into the complaints about allegations of intimidation and bullying.

We have now been told that the names of two members of staff that are no longer on the rota. It is understood they have since obtained employment with another medical service.

Three others who were suspended are due to return to work in September.

One member of staff said staff members returning is going to cause "problems and an atmosphere".

“It has all been kept fairly quiet. I think people were shocked that three are coming back.”