Lionesses victory a delight to watch

It was such a delight to watch the England Lionesses accomplish what the men’s team, despite all the money put into men’s professional football, has failed to do since 1966.

Women’s football is often disparaged by supporters of the men’s game, but what I watched was a thrilling match with nowhere near as much fouling as I've seen in men's matches, or histrionics for that matter.

Their reaction to the victory in the interviews that followed was a joy to see and when the crowd cheered it became obvious to me just how many women and children were in the stands. The atmosphere at Wembley must have been amazing.

I laughed out loud when Chloe Kelly ran off from the BBC interview to join in singing Sweet Caroline, then when they did the interview with two of the German players and joked about Germany’s name being on the cup more than England and finally when they all danced in to the post match press conference.

It was a great victory and those ladies have done an enormous amount of good for women’s sport in this country. Let’s just hope it means more of the money in football flows towards the women’s game.

Ruth King

North Swindon

Ban disposable barbecues because people can't be trusted with them

Tens of thousands of wildlife many farm animals have been burnt alive, same numbers of countryside destroyed.

Lighting fires of any sort,leaving empty bottles tin foil,is irresponsible to say the least,criminal more like,but excuses will be made by the selfish uncaring people so caught up with their human rights, human responsibility being not a pc word.

For example in the middle of the heat wave ,their weather forecasters would say a risk of rain ,when it would be welcomed by farmers many having any grazing burnt up.

The pc lobby have made our society a more selfish greedy cruel one, people Boris Johnson like most governments say they do not want to tell people what to do ,well look at the result, at times people have to be told what to do, disposable barbecues should be banned, because many can't be trusted to behave in a caring responsible way.

David Thomas

Dilton Marsh

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