An influencer from Westbury says she has called off her wedding plans after re-evaluating what she wants out of life.

Elle Darby, who has 564,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel, makes videos about her family life, beauty products and her daily routine.

She faced a large amount of backlash earlier this year after her old tweets were unearthed where she made a number of racist comments.

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Since then, she says she has been doing some reflecting, and has recently called off the big white wedding she had planned with her fiancé Connor Swift who also works as an influencer.

The couple got engaged in August 2020, when Elle Darby said it would be the next chapter of their love story.

The pair took several months offline after they were both criticised for tweets they wrote a decade ago, and decided that the plans they had made to throw their friends and family a big party no longer suited them.

The 26-year-old took to YouTube to tell her fans the reasons behind her decision, and why she is planning  'new version' of the wedding.

“How do I even explain this”, she told her subscribers.

‘Ok, everything you guys knew about our wedding- forget it because we did a 180 on those plans this so we are getting married this summer.

“I think I needed some situations to shift to help me realize my values in my life and what I want out of my life."


“It doesn’t feel like a wedding would be representative of that, but let me explain.

“Since Connor and I got engaged we have been talking about this huge wedding where everybody that comes to the wedding says that it’s the best weekend of their life and they had so much fun.

“We had a gorgeous venue not far from where we live and we were renting the venue for the whole weekend so the wedding day and the days either side of it would be very expensive.

“But when we had taken some time offline and really sitting and reflecting on our lives and what we wanted, and the people we were we realized actually that wedding wasn’t a representation of our love.

“It wasn’t about Connor and I and the eight years we’ve been through together, and everything we’ve been through together, and our relationship which is what I believe a wedding should be so we cancelled the wedding.”