A Wiltshire grandmother says she is “jumping for joy” after hearing that her newly born grandson is to be flown home from Turkey.

Lyn Hudd, 65, learned last night that her grandson Wolfe is finally coming home after being born eight weeks premature in a Turkish hospital on July 25.

“I’m just ecstatic,” said Lynn, of Nightingale Road, Trowbridge. “I was jumping up and down yesterday. It is fantastic news.

“We have gone from being in a nightmare to absolute happiness.”

Lyn and her husband, Michael, 66, a transport supervisor, had vowed to do “whatever it takes” to bring home their daughter Louise and Wolfe from the Turkish holiday resort of Lara Beach near Antalya.

She added: “I would just like to thank everybody who shared our appeal, which raised nearly £10,230, and donated. I will never forget it.”

Louise was on a two-week honeymoon with her husband Stephen Crawshaw-Bowen, 27, and her four children when she went into labour prematurely.

Wolfe weighed in at 4lb 4oz when he was born at the Grand Lara Beach Hospital near Antalya.

He was put straight onto a ventilator in a neonatal intensive care unit because of an infection on his lungs which were not fully developed.

He came off the ventilator on Tuesday after being treated with antibiotics and is now well enough to be flown home to Bristol Airport.

 Wolfe will then be transferred by land ambulance to the Royal United Hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit in Bath.

The cost of the flight and the family’s medical and accommodation bills are being met by the Royal British Legion, as Mr Crawshaw-Bowen is a serving member of the British Army.

From Halifax in West Yorkshire, he is a Lance Corporal with the 1st Battalion Yorkshire Regiment based at Catterick.

He has been in the army for the past 11 years and will fly home from Antalya on Friday, with their son Ronnie, 11 months.

On the five-hour flight home, Wolfe will be accompanied by a team from Lucy’s Air Ambulance for Children, the only UK charity to fly babies and critically ill children to hospital by plane to receive specialist care.

The charity uses a Capital Air plane and recently flew home two premature babies, Molly from Cyprus, and Jack from Turkey.

Wolfe will be flown home in an incubator and accompanied by his mum Louise, a flight nurse, a neonatologist and a paramedic.

Charlotte Young, Lucy’s AAC chief executive, said the RBL has been “absolutely amazing” in picking up the couple’s £50,000-plus bills. The charity will also be making a small contribution to the family’s costs.