A Wiltshire swimming club has warned it could fold by its autumn AGM if it cannot find a new volunteer to act as secretary.

Trowbridge Amateur Swimming Club trains 126 swimmers from learners to Swim England championship level.

It has produced four swimmers who recently swam in the British Summer Championships at Ponds Forge in July. 

Membership secretary Marc Bolwell said: “The club is heavily reliant on volunteers, and most of the coaching staff, and all of the small committee, all give their time freely to help run the club for its members. 

“The club is really struggling to find someone to be the club secretary and, if they do not find someone by the AGM at the end of the year, there is a possibility the club will fold. 

“The secretary is basically the go-between the members, the committee and the coaches, and is the person who books the pool time with the leisure centres and takes minutes during the once monthly committee meetings.

“This is a wonderful local club, and it would be a disaster if it were to fold. Please help.”

To volunteer or to discuss further, contact Marc at membership@swimtrowbridge.co.uk