SOUTH West Wiltshire MP Dr Andrew Murrison has written to the Environment Agency to request enforcement action to stop the smells coming from the Hills Waste Northacre Resource Recovery Centre in Westbury.

The local MP said he has seen a “sharp uptick” in complaints from residents living near the facility on the town’s Northacre Industrial Estate.

He told Environment Agency chief executive Sir James Bevan: “I have been on site on a number of occasions recently and can validate my constituents’ experience.

“Last summer was bad but Hills and the Environment Agency assured me and those I represent that the problem had been fixed. Plainly it had not been.

“There is no way people should have to put up with this noxious stink for a second summer, significantly impacting on the ability of residents to enjoy their homes and gardens.

“Please will you say what enforcement action you will now take.”

But a spokesperson for Hills Waste Solutions said: “We do not recognise the latest reported comments made by Dr Murrison about our operations at Northacre. 

"Routine off-site odour monitoring is conducted in addition to investigative visits to specific areas when direct complaints are received. 

"On the majority of occasions we have not been able to detect any noticeable odour away from the perimeter of the site. When an odour has been detected off-site, it is at low levels and transient in nature.

"This correlates with the Environment Agency’s findings and we continue to work with them in responding to complaints.

"We would encourage the public to report odour complaints both directly to ourselves via our website or phoneline 01793 781207 and to the Environment Agency.”

The Environment Agency’s Wessex Area director Emma Baker had responded to Dr Murrison’s earlier letter of July 8, saying: “We have received a small number of complaints from members of the public in recent weeks, but these remain very few and far between compared to this time last summer.

“We have continued with our attendance in the area over the past month or so, and although our officers have noticed some residual odour at the site boundary, we have not substantiated odour in any of the residential areas.

“It is possible and expected that the facility does give rise to some odour from time to time. We are going to continue to undertake odour surveys over the summer and, if we substantiate significant odour at sensitive receptors, we will take appropriate action, which could include reducing or suspending waste inputs if we feel this is necessary.

“Therefore, it is important that members of the public report odours to us as quickly as possible so that our officers on the ground can try to substantiate the reports.”

Wiltshire Council has also received complaints about the smells coming from the centre, which last summer had new odour filtration units installed.

Residents should report odours to the Environment Agency on 0800 807060 at the time they notice it, or contact Rebecca Kirk, Area Environment Manager, on