The moment a YouTube star from Wiltshire fainted on the Great British Bake Off has been ranked as the most memorable mishap on the show.

A video of Joe Sugg, who is originally from Lacock, who fainted after cutting his finger on a vegetable peeler has been watched almost 1.7 million times on YouTube.

As the Great British Bake Off returns this month for a 13th season, all of the biggest mishaps have been ranked from the show- and it seems Joe’s fainting fit was truly one to remember.

Disaster struck for the social media star after he used the peeler on his finger as opposed to the desired target, which was an apple.

He fainted at the sight of his own blood but despite this, he miraculously made a comeback and smashed the baking challenge, collecting a congratulatory handshake from Paul Hollywood.

Wiltshire Times: Joe Sugg getting assistance from a member of the medical teamJoe Sugg getting assistance from a member of the medical team (Image: Channel 4)

The moment has been remembered by lots of viewers over the years.

One twitter user said: "Joe Sugg passing out four minutes into the Great British Bake-Off is the definition of iconic."

Another noted recently: "Never forget when joe sugg fainted very politely on the celeb bake off." collated the list of The Great British Bake Off’s most popular mishaps, and ranked them on how many Youtube Views they had.

In second place, David Mitchell’s pale pavlova collected 758,974 views.

The comedian attempted to add grey food colouring to his pavlova which left viewers slightly disgusted at its appearance.

He also managed to burn parts of the meringue, almost guaranteeing a poor judges score.

But despite its unappetising appearance, the judges shockingly rated the bake highly.

Rounding off the top three, accumulating 467,563 views is Krishnan Guru-Murthy.

The presenter was in the middle of making a lemon drizzle cake, which was going to plan until it came to flipping it.

With the aid of Sandi Toksvig, the duo attempted the flip, but the cake ended up falling into several broken pieces.

After that, the vegan cake collapse came in fourth place, Alison Hammond missing the door in fifth, Custardgate in sixth, Sura’s accidental sabotage in seventh and the Clanger calamity in eighth.

Laura O'Brien, expert at said: “Through researching and analysing the show's most memorable mishaps, we can draw conclusions as to what the most common mistakes are, and in turn provide predictions into the events with the highest probability of occurring.”