A luxury hotel in Wiltshire is on the search for someone to fill quite an unusual job role.

Bowood Hotel, Spa and Golf Resort near Calne is seeking a ‘happiness officer’ to check on the wellbeing of their sheep.

The hotel has welcomed its annual sheep workforce - which sees 250 temporary groundskeepers flock in and welcomed as part of the staff.

Bowood is used to having their four-legged friends on site, as every October they see a seasonal influx of ovine workers come in for just a few weeks each year to tend the 60 acres of wildflower grasslands that surround the hotel’s golf course.

The sheep are welcomed by the team – who treat them as colleagues and confidantes.

Jaey, Head Greenkeeper and Sheep Appreciator, said: “Every year this mob of sheep come in and the golf course staff count goes from nine to 259 overnight.”

Jeff Condliffe, general manager at Bowood Hotel, said: “I picture it as being a quick tour of the grounds on one of our golf buggies, before saying a little hello to the sheep to check they’re all chewing as normal and everything’s sheep shape, before heading back to the hotel.”