A Wiltshire van driver has been issued with a Traffic Offence Report after giving police the middle finger.

The driver was passing a Roads Policing Unit in Boscombe Down, near Salisbury, on the morning of Wednesday, January 18, when they stuck their middle finger up at the officers.

The police weren’t willing to let the gesture slide and turned around, reportedly causing the driver to panic and begin driving carelessly.

Once the driver had pulled over, the police issued them with a Traffic Offence Report for careless driving.

In a tweet just after 9am, Wiltshire Specialist Operations said: “If you are going to stick your middle finger up at the Roads Policing Unit as they pass you, don’t then panic when they turn around and then proceed to drive carelessly. Attitude realignment issued along with a Traffic Offence Report for their efforts”.

The tweet received mixed responses, with some social media users criticising the officers for reacting to the gesture while others praised them for their actions.

Wiltshire Specialist Operations responded to one critical comment by replying: “Well done for commenting on the post and bringing wider attention to road safety.”