A Wiltshire foodbank is calling on residents to join them outside their local MP's office to call for government action on the cost-of-living.

The Community Organiser for Devizes and District Foodbank and the climate group Sustainable Devizes are set to meet Danny Kruger at 12.15pm on Friday, March 31 at the MP's constituency office at 4/5 Market Place.

They have urged people to join shortly before the start of the meeting to demand more support for those most strained by the cost-of-living crisis  and they have urged residents to join them.

Representatives of the two organisations will ask Devizes MP Mr Kruger to sign a pledge, to permanently reduce energy prices and help the millions of households that are living in fuel poverty.

The pledge has been drawn up as part of the wider poverty and environmental charity campaign Warm this Winter.

The groups have said 2022 figures from Warm this Winter have shown millions of people spent the winter living in cold damp homes and more than 1,000 people died in England as a result of living in these conditions in December alone.

One of the leading members of the Warm This Winter campaign, Simon Francis commented: “It’s heartening to see so many people taking action on this issue right across the country.

“People are rightly demanding that no-one should spend another winter living in a cold damp home.

“The decision to end fuel poverty for good is a political one and it is entirely appropriate for residents to be demanding their MP stand up for them.”

Director the environmental charity Uplift Tessa Khan said: "The UK’s energy system is clearly broken and people have had enough.

“Constituents in Devizes are right to ask Danny Kruger to tell the government to fix it.

“More than a dozen MPs have signed the pledge already, including Conservative MP for Kingswood, Chris Skidmore.

“We urgently need an energy supply that everyone can afford, which today means increasing the amount of cheaper renewables in the mix and using energy a lot more wisely.

“The government, for example, needs to provide far more funding to help everyone in Devizes to insulate their homes for lower bills, and ensure people are left with more money in their pocket.

“MPs know that the cost of living crisis, fuelled by soaring energy bills, is the number one issue facing constituents.”