Protesters gathered outside their local Tory MP's office to demand action on the cost of living crisis.

More than a dozen protesters from the climate group Sustainable Devizes held a demo at Danny Kruger’s office in Devizes' Market Place with placards demanding financial aid for people struggling and action against fossil fuels.

Mr Kruger came out to take questions and protesters asked what he could do for Devizes to help insulate homes to reduce the use of fossil fuels and keep people warm during the energy crisis.

He said: “The government is committing about £3 billion in the budget to insulation.

"We’ll be getting our share of that. It’s aimed at low-income houses. I can’t lobby for anything more that.

"Wiltshire Council will be responsible for the part of it that’s social housing and council housing."

He added later: “There is such a delicate balance to be struck. How do we ween ourselves off fossil fuels without depriving people of affordable energy and destroying our economy?

"We’re actually leading Europe in many ways in the reduction of fossil fuels.

“I suspect you would all like the transition to be going a lot faster and I sympathise but there are many other voices. The real pressure comes from low-income families who are desperate about how to pay their bills. We can’t just transition tomorrow.”

Mr Kruger then had a private meeting with two group representatives who asked him to sign a pledge to permanently reduce energy prices for those in fuel poverty - but he didn't sign the pledge.

One of the protestors, Liz Maisonpierre, said she was seriously struggling with energy bills.

Ms Maisonpierre said: “I live in a ground floor flat down in Moyne Close. I consider it’s a real treat if I turn the heating up to 19. My flat is freezing. You just don’t know where the help is or how to get it. I feel that he [Mr Kruger] is just full of the talk, not the walk.”

Mr Kruger said after the meeting: “I was pleased to meet the group and to discuss the challenge of insulating homes and progressively eliminating our reliance on fossil fuels, while also helping people with the cost of living.

“I will continue to campaign for help for families and a sustainable energy strategy.”

He added on top of the government funding for insulation, around half of an average household’s energy bill have been covered this winter.