An update on possible changes to the busy A350 in Wiltshire is expected soon.

National Highways is promising more news on the much-awaited M4 to Dorset Coast Strategic Study 'later in the summer.'

The transport body's letter to South West Wiltshire MP Dr Andrew Murrison says: "We are currently finalising our recommendations and reports, which will include an executive summary and brochure which we’ll submit to DfT for consideration shortly.

“Subject to ministerial agreement we hope to be able to share our findings and recommendations later in the summer."

Dr Murrison has been anxiously awaiting the report as the A350 may be identified as the strategic route that will be nominated to take the bulk of heavy traffic to and from the M4.

The major road runs through his constituency and particularly impacts on Westbury and a number of villages near Westbury and Warminster, such as Heywood and Heytesbury.

Dr Murrison said: "As it stands the A350 isn't remotely suitable.

“There would have to be serious mitigations including a western route Westbury bypass and I'm looking for the report to reflect that in unambiguous terms."

Wiltshire Times: A map showing a possible A350 western bypass route for WestburyA map showing a possible A350 western bypass route for Westbury (Image: Freelancer)