A village social club in Westwood near Bradford on Avon has been given £600 to start a new project to develop talented musicians and composers.

It will enable Westwood Social Club to partner with music school Purple Noise to offer music lessons, rehearsal space and recording opportunities for local youngsters.

Jim Lynch, coordinator of the Bradford on Avon Community Area Network, handed the cheque to Julie Adcock, chair of Westwood Social Club, at a presentation on Friday (August 4).

It will be used to help fund a community youth development project involving Purple Noise, a music school based in Trowbridge with a recording studio in Frome, and Phil Dupee, of Hellolove TV Productions.

They will provide the club with a PA system it can use for local bands gigging at the club in return for space in the club’s committee room.

Mrs Adcock said: “We are delighted to be partnering with BoACam, Purple Noise and Hellolove TV Productions.

“Phil is helping to promote live music and is working with new groups to produce advertising support.

“He will also be looking to support Purple Noise teaching young people filming etc,” she said.

Tom Bazeley, 49, of Purple Noise, said: “We were using space in The Loft at Trowbridge Town Hall but had to leave while the redevelopment takes place.

“We were talking to Jim Lynch about things in Bradford on Avon and this sprang out of that.

“The social club was looking for a new PA sound system. We said we could help but they would have to take us as well.”

Trowbridge Town Hall closed at the end of July for a £8.5 million redevelopment programme that could last up to two years.

Purple Noise now hopes to become part of the Trowbridge Town Hall Trust’s outreach programme while the redevelopment is taking place.

“Hopefully, this will turn into something quite exciting,” said Mr Bazley, who founded Purple Noise in 2012.

Purple Noise offers music lessons, workshops and advice for everyone, and studios for producing, rehearsing and teaching, with recording and mixing facilities. It also offer music services, including writing, production, mixing and support for live/online DJs.

Tom’s team includes Jo Hyde, an Emeritus Professor of Creative Music Technology at Bath Spa University who has helped thousands of students and professionals.

He will use his connections with local colleges and universities to attract young people to the project with the aim of developing musical talent.