A Wiltshire contestant starring on Married at First Sight endured the honeymoon from hell in the latest episode.

Thomas Kriaris from Bradenstoke stars on this year's series of the dating show on E4 and married Rosaline Darlington, a florist from Crewe, in Tuesday's episode.

As weddings go, it was pretty tense throughout, culminating in the duo having to awkwardly pose for a kiss.

In Thursday’s episode, the pair took an ill-fated honeymoon trip to an alpine house in Austria and things became even more toe-curling.

Wiltshire Times: The couple had tied the knot during the previous episode.The couple had tied the knot during the previous episode. (Image: Channel 4)

After sharing a drink outside, a pronounced silence between the couple began to grow more deafening.

They then slept together in the same bed but Thomas remained on the edge, distant from Rosaline.

After waking up, she described this exchange as “wooden” as the awkwardness levels rose between the couple.

Things turned from bad to worse as Rozz suggested a cuddle which Thomas sharply rejected and said: “You can’t force those things.

“I’m not going to go cuddling a stranger.”

Wiltshire Times: The couple married on Tuesday's episode of the show.The couple married on Tuesday's episode of the show. (Image: E4)

His ‘wife’ then brutally reflected: “I feel like there is no romance there.

“I can’t believe that Thomas has just called us strangers. We’re married and I’m his wife, we’re not strangers.”

Thomas then opened up to the camera about a past relationship which had made dating difficult ever since.

“My ex wasn’t entirely the nicest to me,” he said.

“There were just so many instances of just being told that I am not good enough and its really hard to put your faith into someone again after you have had those experiences.

“Rozz is a really affectionate person however I really struggle with that, I’ve been hurt in the past so for me right now, it doesn’t feel that natural to be that affectionate.”

Wiltshire Times: Thomas and Rozz's honeymoon trip in Austria did not go to plan.Thomas and Rozz's honeymoon trip in Austria did not go to plan. (Image: E4)

On the final night of their honeymoon, Thomas and Rosaline both wore black outfits to a candlelit dinner in the house.

“It’s the final meal but I feel like we are dressed like a funeral though, has it gone that bad,” Rosaline joked to the camera.

As the meal went on and the conversation soon turned to the hug debate once more, Thomas accepted that he had been physically distant throughout the honeymoon.

“I am afraid of the rejection as I have been hurt quite dearly in the past,” he said.

“It is so hard to come back to really trusting someone again like that.”