A Wiltshire author has described how she was left 'very upset' and shaken after being given a pack of prescriptions from a pharmacy store with an intimidating message attached.

Anna Vaught, from Bradford on Avon, was handed two packs of prescribed medicines with a label that accused her of causing problems on local social media.

The medicine came from the Day Lewis Pharmacy in Station Approach about which she had previously complained on local social media and to the company's head office.

Wiltshire Times: he Day Lewis pharmacy store in Station Approach, Bradford on Avon. Photo: Trevor Porter 69990-1he Day Lewis pharmacy store in Station Approach, Bradford on Avon. Photo: Trevor Porter 69990-1 (Image: Trevor Porter)

Mrs Vaught posted a photograph of the message which read: ‘This patient has been on social media causing problems'.

She said: “So, my husband collected my repeat prescription from Station Approach earlier today and this label was on it x2.

“Whether it’s meant to intimidate me or is just on records and would have been deleted but accidentally got signed off, I don’t know. Neither seems good to me.”

Mrs Vaught later posted an update saying: “Long talk with area manager just now. I can share that a lot has been going on, a lot of complaints, and they are aware.

“I’ve made a GDPR request for my notes and have made a complaint to the General Pharmaceutical Council. Things ongoing.”

In July, her husband Ned Vaught said he had to make three visits before being able to collect all the medications prescribed for Anna’s medical condition.

The couple later posted messages on social media describing apparent problems at the pharmacy including the claim that up to five staff had left their jobs there.

Mr Vaught later complained to the pharmacy chain's head office in Croydon about the 'chaos' at the Bradford on Avon store, which has been hit by staff shortages and a backlog in putting together prescriptions.

Mrs Vaught is not the only customer who have experienced problems with the Station Approach pharmacy, with some having complained about prescriptions not being available for collection when they visit.

The pharmacy ran into problems in June when five staff left within a few weeks, and temporary staff were drafted in from Yeovil and the Bournemouth area to cover.

The Day Lewis head office has not responded to Wiltshire Times' request for a comment.