ONE of Wiltshire’s biggest employers is celebrating eight years of supporting the real Living Wage within its business by giving staff a pay rise.

An accredited employer by the Living Wage Foundation, Trowbridge-based apetito now employs just under 2,000 people across the UK.

UK employers offering the real living wage will be required to boost pay by 10 per cent in 2024, to help lift living standards for the lowest paid.

The Living Wage Foundation, which advocates for fair pay, said on October 24 it's increasing the voluntary rate to £12 an hour across the country in 2024, up from £10.90.

apetito says that not only does the pay rise meet the recommendations set out by the Living Wage Foundation but when its annual profit-sharing scheme is factored in, it effectively pays more than the real Living Wage.

Now, it is giving the staff on a pay rise to celebrate Living Wage Foundation Week from November 6– 12.

Paul Freeston, apetito’s CEO and Chair for UK & North America, said: “We are a proud supporter of the real Living Wage and are committed to being a real Living Wage employer.

“We are listening to the recommendations from the Foundation for the year ahead and will be mobilising increases in line with its recommendations ahead of May 2024.

“With the current economic conditions, we know how tough it is at the moment for families to keep abreast of cost-of-living increases, and not only is it the right way to do business but we believe it’s the only way to do business.”

Mr Freeston says the company, whose head office is in Canal Road, believes passionately that its employees should receive a fair wage which not only improves their quality of life but also benefits the business and society as a whole.

Living Wage Foundation director Katherine Chapman, said: “apetito is one of our longest standing supporters and it’s fantastic to see its continued commitment to the real Living Wage.

“It demonstrates the company’s values as a business, putting people first and doing right by their employees.”

With its production kitchens based in Trowbridge, apetito offers good packages and prospects to local talent. 

The company is a supplier of meals to the health and social care sectors alongside its consumer home meals delivery brand, Wiltshire Farm Foods.

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