Trowbridge residents have shared their disgust at the state of the town pond – with one mother claiming her child is growing up having never been able to see it.

The state of the public pond in Trowbridge Town Park has been an ongoing issue in the town, and Trowbridge Town Council revealed it will cost around £300,000 to repair the pond, and more than £386,000 to repair and refurbish the bandstand.

Installing new toilets to replace those demolished in 2019 could cost anything between £75,000 and £150,000.

But residents are now becoming increasingly frustrated with the lack of change they are seeing, as children in the town are growing up having never seen the pond.

“I have two children both with special needs and my daughter used to love the pond but I don’t think my youngest has ever seen it,” said Kayleigh Ramplin, mother to an 11-year-old and two-year-old.

“We used to regularly go look for the ducks and enjoy the peaceful water walking home from nursery.

“I can’t tell you how many times when my child struggled with overstimulation in town, the promise of buying duck food and feeding the ducks on the way home helped her.

“Unfortunately, we don’t go down to the pond area much anymore as there is no pond," she added.

Wiltshire Times: In March of this year, all of the water leaked out of Trowbridge Town Park pond.In March of this year, all of the water leaked out of Trowbridge Town Park pond. (Image: Trevor Porter)

“All the little children missing out on the visit to see the ducks, swans and other small creatures, as my children enjoyed years ago,” agreed local resident Irene Mills.

“Why not call on volunteers in the town to come forward, plan and rebuild with proper fountains and flora and fauna?”

Speaking to the Times about the issue earlier in the summer, Trowbridge Town Council leader Stewart Palmen said:

“The Town Council has set up a working group to look at the park’s facilities and the various projects with special focus on three of those that were mentioned in the simple survey: the bandstand, the pond and access to toilets.

Wiltshire Times: The bandstand at Trowbridge Town Park.The bandstand at Trowbridge Town Park. (Image: Trevor Porter)

“The Town Park is a real asset to the town and ensuring that we make the most of it is key to our strategy of making Trowbridge a greener more active and vibrant town.”

However, the latest statement from Wiltshire Wildlife Trust, who are working with the town council states:

"At the request of Trowbridge Town Council, Wiltshire Wildlife Trust identified what was needed to restore the pond at Trowbridge Town Park.

"Unfortunately, the project has been postponed until other major projects have been undertaken by the town council. We are awaiting confirmation as to when the town council will be ready to proceed."