Thousands of people in Wiltshire now have the option of superfast broadband that claims to be 18 times faster than regular broadband.

Internet provider Lit Fibre has announced that Warminster is one of six new UK towns that has been added to their rollout plan, which hopes to cover 500,000 UK homes by 2026.

Previously, Warminster has predominantly been serviced by Virgin Media’s broadband network, while some households benefit from Openreach’s network.

However, new broadband competitor Lit Fibre claims its broadband can offer internet access that is "18 times faster than other services."

The latest rollout of Lit Fibre broadband in Warminster makes the town one of four in Wiltshire to be serviced by the company, joining Westbury, Melksham and Chippenham.

Speaking about their choice to expand Wiltshire services, Lit Fibre’s Community Manager for the West, Daniel Budd, said:

"We are delighted to introduce our services to Warminster, and we’re looking forward to providing residents with the internet they deserve.

“We want to show people why our full-fibre internet is not only faster but also cheaper and more reliable than existing services, and our team is on the ground across Wiltshire showing the difference that Lit Fibre can make by connecting and supporting the community."