Wiltshire Council is asking the residents of Calne and Melksham to shape the future of their walking and cycling routes.

The council will be drafting local cycling and walking plans for the towns and want to take people’s feedback into account.

The plans will identify cycling and walking networks and set out how they will be improved over time.

It is hoped that making it easier to travel on foot or by bike will improve air quality, reduce traffic congestion and cut carbon emissions.

The plans will help to secure funding from the Department for Transport and will be used as the basis for future cycling and walking improvements in the areas.

Residents have the chance to inform to council of which routes would allow their towns to be better connected.
Councillor Caroline Thomas, cabinet member for transport, describes people’s inputs as playing a pivotal role in shaping the future.

She said: “This first stage of the consultation allows people to pinpoint specific improvements and suggestions to the walking and cycling networks they would like to see in each town on a map.”

This initial consultation is open until 5.30pm on Friday, December 22.