The parish of Lea & Cleverton has been granted approval to change its name to Lea, Garsdon, & Cleverton Parish Council.

The request was presented to Wiltshire Council to 'properly' represent the three habited areas that make up the parish.

The councillors present at the Electoral Review Committee meeting on Wednesday, November 22 also carried out a polling district and polling place review following the recent public consultation, during which they received 53 responses.

The consultation took place from Monday, October 2 to Tuesday, October 31 2023 and was publicised in various places such as town and parish newsletters, posters in Wiltshire libraries, the Wiltshire Council website and through a social media campaign.

According to the report presented to councillors in the meeting, a mixture of positive and negative comments were received about 34 of the Unitary Divisions.

After considering the representations they received, councillors made the decision to merge the two polling districts of Luckington into one for the whole parish, with Luckington Village Hall as the designated polling station.

They also voted to approve moving one of the polling places in Warminster from Warminster Garrison to Warminster Civic Centre, outside of the Unitary Division.