A planning application for a caravan site in Royal Wootton Bassett has been refused by Wiltshire Council after it received over 30 letters of objection during the consultation period.

The proposal concerns land at Clay Pitts in Greenhill, an area located approximately 3.5 miles from the centre of Royal Wootton Bassett.

The application stated: “The applicant seeks planning permission for two residential pitches to meet a recognised need in the area and to facilitate a gypsy lifestyle.”

The same applicant previously submitted a similar proposal in 2022, which was also turned down following local opposition.

The most recent application was received by Wiltshire Council in July 2023, just over a year after the initial one was refused, and claimed the new design minimised the visual impact of the development.

It said: “The proposal for each pitch incorporates one mobile home and one touring caravan, as well as a utility/dayroom in order to provide facilities that enable the occupants of the caravans to minimise the recognised hazards associated with cooking and fire in the close confines of caravans and provide facilities for washing and bathing and the maintenance of basic hygiene.”

According to the case officer, a total of 36 letters of objection were sent regarding the application – some repeatedly from the same individuals.

One resident said: “As with the previous application for The Claypits, I strongly object to this new application which differs only by the siting of the structures across the proposed site closer to the house and garden onto which The Claypits abuts.

“Whoever thinks up these crazy plans must wear blinkers. It would be very visible from most directions and potentially highly hazardous in many respects to the immediate and wider community.

“Many salient comments, on this and the previous application, have been made by rightly concerned residents on the suitability of this site for the placement of residential caravans, which I sincerely trust will be taken into consideration when reviewing this application.”

Another added: “I am disgusted that this application has been put forward once again.

“I object most strongly to the proposal and wish to see the land stay as pasture land.”

However, one letter criticising local reaction was also received.

It read: “I neither object or approve, although I find the comments from most very amusing and nimby.”

It also stated: “I note the majority of residents of Greenhill (who) objected have never even walked past the proposed site, they merely breeze past in their 4x4’s so what effect could it possibly have on them apart from snob value?”

Lydiard Millicent Parish Council and Purton Parish Council both objected to the application.

Wiltshire Council gave the applicant notice of its refusal on Monday, November 27.

The case officer report concluded: “The principle of development is accepted. The site is within a reasonable distance of a range of facilities and services and no highway safety issues are identified.

“However, the submitted application is significantly lacking in several respects.

“Planning permission should therefore be refused.”

According to the report, the urbanisation of the site would have an “unacceptable impact on local character and the appearance of the countryside.”

It also added that the application boundary was excessive, and that the proposal failed to provide sufficient information for ecological assessment, waste storage and collection, as well as public right of way safety.

Full details of Wiltshire planning application consultations and decisions can be found on the planning and building control public register.