Councillors in Marlborough are pushing for The Parade in Marlborough to become a partial one-way street, but not all businesses on the road are so sure about it.

The proposal, which was put forward by the Town Centre Working Party, is for access going uphill past The Lamb Inn, DIY Rainbow and coming out on New Road by Pinos and The Bear to be stopped.

However, Izzy Parmenper who works at The Lamb Inn says she has some concerns.

“I don’t drive, but I can imagine it could cause chaos around the Parade as I think parking could be a real problem for us,” she told the Gazette.

“We’re an inn as well as a pub which means that our guests need to park, and we don’t have our own personal parking spaces so currently guests and visitors have to park on the street.

“This already isn’t ideal for our guests, but I can imagine that if we had a one-way system it would make the whole situation for people visiting the town even more difficult trying to park and get to us.”

Jigs Patel, who owns DIY Rainbows on The Parade also has parking concerns, but believes a one-way system could be better than the alternative.

“I haven’t been officially told about a one-way system, but rumour had it that the council were thinking of pedestrianizing the whole street,” he revealed.

“We were very concerned about that as we need cars to be able to get to us so that people can pop in quickly for the bits that they need.

“Although it might still affect business a bit, a one-way system wouldn’t be so bad because I assume our parking would still remain as it is.”

Mr Patel revealed that councillors originally shared their thoughts of pedestrianizing the whole street with him, and he suggested a one-way system might be a better alternative.

“A one-way system isn't ideal, but something does probably need to change as the cars are all over the place,” he added.

Member of Marlborough Town Council have voted in support of the one-way system, which is estimated to cost £14,200, and the council have committed to contributing £3,550 of that if plans go ahead.

However, Coun Nicholas Fogg, Marlborough’s mayor, was keen to emphasise that plans have not yet been formally approved.

“The businesses on the Parade will be consulted before any formal decision is made. But speaking personally, I do think it would work very well,” he said.

“I think it will make the Parade more enjoyable if there was less through traffic.”