Wiltshire Council has received a planning application that proposes the demolition of the outbuildings in St Aldhelm’s Church courtyard, in Malmesbury.

According to the application, the outbuildings are no longer fit for purpose.

The proposal would see them replaced by a new parish hall that would benefit the “thriving church community.”

Wiltshire Times: The buildings surrounding the site are listed.The buildings surrounding the site are listed. (Image: Chedburn Codd)

It states: “A new parish hall with modern facilities would enable the church congregation to meet in large and small groups, and also welcome visitors from the wider community of Malmesbury to enjoy social activities on a regular basis.

“This new facility would serve as an overflow for large services, and as a convenient space to gather, prepare and socialise before and after services.”

The site is owned by the Clifton Diocese and sits on the east side of the Cross Hayes car park, which was previously a livestock market.

The planned design and materials are said to have been selected from a study of the local vicinity.

The application concludes: “The new insertion has been designed to reflect the form, scale and materials of the surrounding buildings, with a nod to a more contemporary style which will distinguish the new from the old without causing unnecessary harm to any of the historic character.”

Wiltshire Council is expected to make its decision by Monday, January 15, 2024.