An incestuous Wiltshire dad has been jailed - for having sex with his daughter.

Father-of-five Robert Cole, 45, was reunited with his estranged daughter, now 20, before having intercourse with her last July.

Salisbury Crown Court heard how Cole was previously jailed in 2020 for a "remarkably similar" offence with a different daughter.

He pleaded guilty to sexual activity with an adult relative in June and was jailed for 15 months in August.

Reporting restrictions were lifted after his daughter was sentenced on Friday, December 1.

She was given a nine-month community order after she previously admitted the same offence.

Judge Andrew Barnett said Cole's previous conviction and subsequent stint in prison for having sexual relations with this other daughter was “of enormous concern”.

He told him: "These matters can only have occurred when you were shortly released from that sentence.

"You have a very difficult and troubled background but that is no excuse for the dreadful act you committed with your daughter."

Wiltshire Times: Robert ColeRobert Cole (Image: SWNS)

The court heard police became aware following a report of rape, which was later found to be a false allegation made by his daughter.

Robin Shellard, prosecuting, said that the woman claimed she had been raped by Cole and attended the Sexual Assault Referral Centre for examination.

However, the following day she told officers that the sex was consensual and she had cried rape because she "wanted people to feel sorry for her".

Mr Shellard said that Cole's crime was "remarkably similar" to his previous offending.

Both women were described as being "vulnerable" with mental health issues.

Cole, of Melksham, committed the new offence shortly after his prison licence period ended.

Mr Shellard added: "He comes out of prison and after the expiry of the licence period and soon thereafter, he does it again with another daughter."

Christopher Pix, defending, said: "This is a rather sad individual and a rather sad set of facts."

He said Cole "does suffer with his mental health to some extent and does suffer with his learning", adding he had a "troubled past" and an "unfortunate childhood".

Mr Pix said Cole "wishes to express his considerable remorse to the court... he is very distressed about the effect on others".

He continued: "He is now in a stable relationship and is supported in court by his current partner - who is of course fully aware of the circumstances."

At his daughter's hearing, Judge Feest KC, sitting at Winchester Crown Court, told her: "Whilst ordinarily imprisonment follows, for you a community order is appropriate."

Cole was also slapped with a ten-year restraining order to prevent contact with his daughter.