Former Wiltshire Times chief photographer Paul Green has died aged 82 following a long illness.

He was born in Hayes in Middlesex on February 1, 1941 under an air raid shelter, during the London Blitz by German Second World War bombers.

Paul attended Cranford Junior and Infant School in Hounslow and then moved to Gerrards Cross in Buckinghamshire where he attended Denham Junior School near Uxbridge.

After graduating from Slough Technical College, he was apprenticed at the Bucks Free Press in Uxbridge where he began his career as a photographer covering the area around High Wycombe.

In 1959 he moved to Bradford on Avon and began working at the Avon Rubber factory for a short period before leaving to continue his photographic career.

Paul joined the Wiltshire Times in the early 1960s, where he became chief photographer. He later returned to work at Avon Rubber until his retirement.

Pete Browne, a former Wiltshire Times news editor, who worked with Paul from 1964 onwards, said: “That’s sad to hear. He was a good photographer.”

Paul started the Trad Club with some friends at the Wiltshire Conservative Club in Trowbridge which continues still today.

He also organised entertainment events and performed in several plays with the Bradfordians Dramatic Society.

Paul and his wife Susie then moved to France for approximately six years, then returned to the UK to be with family and friends living in Ferndown in Dorset.

Early in 2023, Paul began suffering with severe heart problems, spending much time in and out of Poole Hospital and then Southampton General Hospital.

He underwent surgery for heart problems but suffered two strokes during the operation and his health declined during the remainder of the year.

Sadly, Paul died on Saturday, December 2, 2023 in the Royal Bournemouth Hospital having put up a good fight to overcome his health problems.

He was a loving father of Simon, Timothy, Jessica, Victoria and stepfather to Emma, James, Julie and Dawn.

Paul’s funeral will be held at Bearfield Congregational Church in Bradford on Avon at 11am on Friday, February 2 followed by a burial at Bradford on Avon cemetery.

The funeral service will be followed by a gathering at the Mount Pleasant Social Club where all who knew Paul are welcome.