A WOMAN was charged £2 six times for parking thanks to a "glitch" after her husband dropped her off at Salisbury District Hospital.

Kerry Jeffcoate was shocked to find the invoices, totalling £12, on her APCOA Connect App which she frequently uses to pay for parking at the hospital.

Mrs Jeffcoate explained how her husband dropped her off within the 30-minute grace period on Monday, January 29, after circling the site, unable to find a parking space.

He returned a few hours later to pick her up and left shortly afterwards.

Wiltshire Times: Six charges appeared on Mrs Jeffcoate's APCOA app.Six charges appeared on Mrs Jeffcoate's APCOA app. (Image: Kerry Jeffcoate)

Six 'pay on exit' invoices appeared on Mrs Jeffcoate's app claiming the car parked at 1.49pm, 1.51pm, 3.52pm, 3.54pm, 3.56pm and 5.01pm. She didn't pay the charges.

Mrs Jeffcoate said: "I think the app is really confusing. Half the time you're driving around looking for a space."

A spokesperson for Salisbury District Hospital has offered reassurance that the problem with the app has now been fixed.

They added: “We are grateful that the Salisbury Journal brought the glitch with the car parking app used at the hospital to our attention.  We have investigated why the error occurred and can reassure users of the APCOA Connect App that the problem has now been rectified.

" No visitors will be charged for up to 30 minutes on site regardless of how they choose to pay."

The hospital contacted Mrs Jeffcoate and apologised for any worries the glitch may have caused.