MEMBERS of the Bradford on Avon Friends of Palestine have called for an end to the conflict in Gaza that has so far claimed the lives of more than 27,900 people.

At least 27,947 people have been killed and 67,459 wounded in Gaza since October 7, according to the latest reports.

The BoAFOP began holding vigils last year on each Thursday on Bradford on Avon's market day in Westbury Gardens, from 10.30am-11.30am to uphold all who are suffering and dying in Israel and Gaza.  

Wiltshire Times: Members of the Bradford on Avon Friends of Palestine group have held a weekly vigil every Thursday since last October.Members of the Bradford on Avon Friends of Palestine group have held a weekly vigil every Thursday since last October. (Image: BoAFOP)

Their banner reads ‘Each Life is Precious’ and the group says that thousands of innocent children have so far died in the conflict.

The group said: “Every traumatised child is a shame on humanity. War is not the answer. Come and sign our petition for a ceasefire.

“This devastating situation can only be resolved through negotiation, as per Winston Churchill’s words : 'Jaw Jaw is better than War War'.”

The group is expecting a delegation from Tubas in the Israeli West Bank to arrive on Monday, February 12 and has arranged a full programme of events over the next 11 days.

They include a large public event on Thursday, February 22 at St Margaret’s Hall before the last three members of the visiting delegation go home on Friday, February 23.

Visits have been arranged to St Laurence School, the University of Bath, and to the Jamie’s Farm charity near Box.

Four years ago, the BoAFOP formed an official friendship link with the town of Tubas in the north east section of the West Bank in Israel which is occupied by Palestinians under Israeli military rule.

The Tubas delegation was due to arrive in Bradford on Avon last October to help celebrate the 10th anniversary of the BoAFOP’s formation in 2013.

But the visit was cancelled ‘out of respect’ for all those who died following the outbreak of war between Hamas terrorists in Gaza and Israeli.

On the morning of October 7, in one of the worst terrorist attacks in history, waves of Hamas gunmen stormed across Gaza's border into Israel and Hamas also fired thousands of rockets.

The gunmen killed 1,200 people on the day and more than 100 later died from their injuries. Those killed included children, the elderly and 364 young people at a music festival.

Around 250 Israeli people were taken hostage, although some have since been exchanged in return for Palestinians prisoners held by Israel.