SHOPPERS at Sainsbury’s in Bradford on Avon are threatening to go elsewhere in a row over being asked to use self-service check-outs.

The Elms Cross shopping centre store has recently undergone a huge refurbishment and more self-service check-outs have been installed.

The store has also introduced a new Smart Shop system whereby shoppers can ‘scan, bag and go’ before paying with a debit or credit card at a dedicated self-service check-out.

One man said: “The self-scanning gun thing is brilliant and so much quicker.”

Wiltshire Times: The Sainsbury's store in Bradford on AvonThe Sainsbury's store in Bradford on Avon (Image: John Baker)

While some younger shoppers have welcomed the move, it has not gone down well with some of the older people who use the new-look store. Some are even threatening to shop elsewhere.

One man said: “A busy BoA Sainsbury’s this afternoon had just one member of staff on a till. Joined a seven-trolley queue.

“Four or five other staff were available, but they were employed hanging around the automated pay machines ready to leap in when they went wrong with monotonous regularity.

“Can’t help thinking Sainsbury’s has got its priorities wrong, unless of course its priority is to cut jobs regardless of the consequences.”

One shopper said: “Same thing the other day. Six people deep this queue and loads of people with Sainsbury’s tops on seen but when I asked if anyone could come to open-up a till, the man said he had nobody.”

Another added: “I was in there the other day about 5ish. There was a queue of people standing by one of the unopened check-outs.

“They asked a member of staff if someone could open it up but they refused and said it wasn’t company policy any more to have to have a check-out open.

“The queue refused to budge and demanded to see the manager. A member of staff went off to supposedly see said manager, came back and called a member of staff and opened up the check-out.

“It’s ridiculous. Not everyone likes self-service or finds them easy and some people need a little help or help with packing.

“Not to mention they’re bloody annoying. Sometimes you’re just standing there with a sea of red lights flashing, looking around hoping that a staff member will eventually notice you and come and sort it out.”

Wiltshire Times: More self-service check-outs have been installed at Sainsbury’s Bradford on Avon. Image: Trevor Porter 70568-4More self-service check-outs have been installed at Sainsbury’s Bradford on Avon. Image: Trevor Porter 70568-4 (Image: Trevor Porter)

The store’s new policy is to no longer have a manned check-out available in the evening after 8pm when the store is quieter.

One woman said: “It’s getting really annoying. There used to be a rule that if the queue was too long they’d open a new till, but they don’t do that anymore.

“Now if you go in the evenings there’s no till open at all, only self check-out except for the tobacco counter.

“It’s all self check-out and I’m walking out with my feet and shopping elsewhere if there’s no till open.”

A Sainsbury’s spokesperson said: “We regularly review the services available in our stores to make sure we offer the most convenient experience to our customers. 

“We have slightly increased the number of self-service checkouts at our Bradford on Avon store so that we can meet customer demand for this service.

“Our colleagues are on hand to help anyone who may need support using them and we continue to offer serviced checkouts for our customers who wish to use them.”

The retailer added: “Customers will see the same level of colleagues in store as they usually would. They will just be working in a slightly different way.”