A warning has been issued after toilets in a shopping centre up for sale were closed unexpectedly.

Trisha Dobson, 77, found she needed to go to the toilet before an appointment with her hairdresser on February 13 at the Castle Place shopping centre market hall.

Mrs Dobson, of Blease Close, Trowbridge, said: “I went to get my hair cut the other day. My hairdresser is in the Market Place.

“Before going into her shop, I thought I would just use the toilets so I could sit in comfort. Imagine my surprise when I got there to find them blocked off.

“I went and kept my hair appointment trying to forget what my bladder telling me I needed to go. After that, my hairdresser took me to their toilets but those were all locked up as well.

“In the end, I walked over to Albany Palace and asked the young lady there.

“I felt so disappointed in Trowbridge, don't the councillors give a damn about Trowbridge anymore?

"Surely, if they have got the café open they should make sure the toilets are available for people to use?

"It was terrible to find it had all been cordoned off and they were closed. There must be men as well as women who want to use it."

Wiltshire Council and Trowbridge Town Council both said they are not responsible for the Castle Place toilets.

They are still the responsibility of the outgoing Castle Place property managers, APAM Ltd, which has managed the centre for the past few years.

The managers appear to have closed and cordoned off the public toilets at the centre prior to its sale being completed.

The Wiltshire Times has attempted to contact the APAM centre management team for a comment but they have yet to respond.

The incoming prospective new owner, believed to be a north of England businessman, has not yet completed the £534,000 purchase of Castle Place.

The completion is expected to go through this week after contracts have been signed.