Councillor Caroline Thomas has stepped down from her role as Cabinet Member for Transport, Street Scene and Flooding at Wiltshire Council.

The leader of the council, Councillor Richard Clewer, confirmed her departure was due to family illness making it difficult for her to fulfil her role.

He said: "I want to thank Councillor Thomas for her service and great commitment to her role throughout her time on cabinet and I wish her well for the future.

“Caroline has worked tremendously hard with officers and other cabinet members to ensure we have been able to progress a number of our business plan priorities and deliver the best outcomes for residents and businesses across Wiltshire.

“Councillor Dominic Muns and Councillor Tamara Reay will be joining Cabinet and I look forward to welcoming them in their new roles."

Councillor Caroline Thomas noted that she was proud of the achievements of the council during her time as cabinet member, such as increased funding for potholes and an award-winning fly-tipping campaign.

She said: "There are very few circumstances in which I could have envisaged resigning voluntarily from my role but as we all know, family must come first.

“I look forward to continuing to work hard for the residents of Marlborough East from the backbenches and securing the best outcomes for Marlborough and Wiltshire."