A youth on an e-scooter broke the wrist of a police officer who tried to seize the two-wheeler in Westbury.

The officer from the town’s neighbourhood team responded to reports of young people causing antisocial behaviour on Tuesday, March 19, and found one of them on an e-scooter on the High Street.

The youth evaded the officer but was later found and warned about the laws relating to e-scooters.

Things took a turn when the young person resisted the officer while the e-scooter was being seized, which led to a scuffle and an injury.

CCTV operators from Warminster and Westbury monitoring the live feed called for assistance to get more police units to the scene.

The suspect was arrested on suspicion of assaulting an emergency worker and later bailed pending investigation.

A Wiltshire Police spokesperson said: “Despite the pain from the injury, the officer was determined to carry out his job and managed to detain and handcuff the youth and await the arrival of colleagues from our response team who had responded to the assistance shout from CCTV.

“Warminster and Westbury CCTV play a vital role in helping Wiltshire Police detect and prevent crime within both towns. They give our team a huge amount of support, and the public should be reassured that they are looking out for us all.”