Police are seeking the driver of a car who almost caused a head-on crash. 

On March 19, between 10.30pm and 11pm, the suspect was driving on the wrong side of the road on the B4040 between Malmesbury and Easton Grey when they approached another car. 

The driver of the other car was forced to take evasive action to avoid a head-on smash which led to them crashing into a ditch and trees. 

The injured party was taken to hospital for treatment. 

A police spokesperson said: "We are appealing for witnesses and information following a near-miss head-on collision between two vehicles, resulting in one of the vehicles crashing into a ditch.

"Unfortunately, we have minimal details on the suspect vehicle, only that it was small and dark in colour.

"If you can help, please contact us on 101 quoting reference 54240032084."