A man who groped a woman in a pub has been given an 'adult caution' by police.

The man from Corsham, who has not been identified, was given an adult caution for battery after admitting he rubbed his hand on an unknown woman's bottom without her consent while in a pub on February 3. 

As part of the caution from Wiltshire Police, the male in question has been ordered to participate in a number of courses.

This includes a misogyny course and a victim awareness course. 

He will also have to write a letter of apology to his victim. 

PC Guerreiro from Wiltshire Police said: "An adult caution means this will sit on his record and I hope this is a message to others that this kind of behaviour is totally unacceptable.

"His actions caused the young woman distress.

"The courses will hopefully give him time to reflect on what happened."