A Whitley driver has been stopped after police claimed he tailgated them before cutting them off.

The driver cut across multiple lanes to get in front of the unmarked police car, said Wiltshire Specials in a statement.

The car was written off for having no insurance, despite receiving a letter from Operation Tutelage last week.

Operation Tutelage is a national police-led operation working together with partners to reduce the impact of untaxed, uninsured, untraceable and unsafe vehicles.

What is the law on tailgating?

Tailgating is when a motorist drives too close to the vehicle in front of them.

According to RAC, tailgating is illegal and can result in a careless driving charge with up to a £100 fine and points on the driving licence.

In more serious cases, penalties can range from a driving ban to a prison sentence.

Aura insurance states: “While many drivers unintentionally tailgate, a small minority tailgate deliberately to pressurise, intimidate, or bully the driver in front. 

The RAC warns not to be tempted to drive under the speed limit or repeatedly touch your brakes to make your point as this only increases the risk of a collision.

Instead, they suggest staying calm and checking if you are going too slow for your lane..